The app

The ARTour was developed as an art commitment by Roche as part of its 125th anniversary together with the House of Electronic Arts in Basel and Basel Tourism. The tour can be experienced via an app that can be downloaded free of charge from the respective store.


Art in Basel

An interactive map shows you where to find the artworks. All artworks are located in the centre of Basel. You can discover all the works as a tour or just look at individual works of art.


Art background

Under the thematic umbrella of "Celebrate Life", ten works were created that illuminate the theme from very different perspectives. The themes range from biodiversity to identity to digital life. The app provides you with background information on each artwork and the respective artists.


Experience artworks

If you are at the corresponding location, you can bring the artwork to life through the camera of your smartphone. The artworks are digital objects in real space and can be viewed from all sides. Some artworks also invite you to interact.