Basel Tourismus

If you want to embark on a fascinating journey through the world of art, Basel is the place to be. Around 40 museums with top-class exhibitions, one of the oldest public art collections, the largest art fair in the world and a lively, young art scene make Basel a small but impressively endowed cultural city with a reputation that extends far beyond Europe. Although classical modernism and street art seem to be worlds apart, both art movements are prominently represented in Basel. The ARTour app enriches the Swiss Capital of Culture with a digital art experience and allows Basel’s cityscape to merge with the virtual world. Basel Tourism is very much involved in the communication and support of the ARTour.

HEK (House of Electronic Arts)

The HEK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel is a center for contemporary art that uses electronic media and reflects on their use as well as their effects on society. With an interdisciplinary program of exhibitions, festival formats, performances, concerts, and educational events, the HEK addresses current social topics and issues as well as technological and aesthetic developments. The HEK has its own collection focusing on software-based and network-based art. Through all of this, the HEK occupies a unique position and pioneering role in Switzerland.

The HEK acted as a consultant for the content of the ARTour. The director of the HEK (House of Electronic Arts), Sabine Himmelsbach, played a key role as curator in the selection of the artists.